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Coconut Grove Bungalow

This Grove bungalow was once part of a larger commune that has since been subdivided. With such a small area, the clients needed a garden that would create interest and privacy while leaving as much functional space as possible. A new patio was built using bricks reclaimed from on site. Coralstone and crushed granite were added to the material palette to create contrast. Particular attention was given to paving patterns, borders, and symmetry in the hardscape design to provide dimension and complexity. A mix of native, tropical, and edible plants honors Coconut Grove's jungle aesthetic. The garden is sprinkled with flowers but the main interest comes from a remarkable diversity of plant textures. 

brick patio with tropical landscaping and lounge chairs
front entry to a house in coconut grove
front entry with stepping stones, brick, and gravel
back patio with reclaimed bricks, potted plants, and banana tree
address numbers on a wall with a flowering vine
travvelers palm against wood fence
doorway to courtyard with tropical landscaping
fire pit area in a tropical garden
an outdoor shower with butterfly plants
brick patio in herringbone pattern with heliconias
crushed granite gravel driveway and lush front entry garden
lounge chairs in courtyard garden
cable trellis with a flowering vine on a wood fence
ornamnetal banana tree
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