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A new home designed in an Old Florida style: at the Espinosa Residence architecture and landscape blend seamlessly. The front yard features a largely native palette, lushly planted in curvilinear forms. A native tree canopy of silver, gold, and green hues shelters a garden of butterfly attracting shrubs and groundcovers. Mostly green with year round splashes of color keeps the garden looking high style but fun. A hedge of mixed natives provides privacy without looking overly uniform or contrived.

With four young children, the clients wanted to create spaces for different forms of play. The front yard is a place for exploration. The backyard is largely left open for lawn sports. And a continuous paved track encircles the property for scooter and bike rides.

The biggest challenge of the site was that the finish floor elevation of the house was about 5 feet above the back yard. To mitigate this transition, grass lined steps borded in coralstone merge the lawn with the pool deck. The steps are broken up by tiered planters of fountain grass, giving a coastal vibe to the pool deck. An infinity edge was added to the pool to take advantage of the height difference.